Harmony Flex: Science 7 (MN).


A Harmony Flex course offers parents and students flexibility in selecting course learning materials and activities based on a student’s learning style. Parents support students in working through individualized units of studies that focus on each of the grade-level standards listed below. Students then demonstrate competency by completing and submitting a Flex checkpoint worksheet for each unit.

  • Parents will have access to educational resources which include curriculum, the Harmony Resource Library and the Flex Curriculum Resource Directory. The directory will  supplement their selected course curriculum and to assist in planning and teaching each unit.  The Curriculum Resource Directory will include links to online lesson materials that can be used as part of a unit study related to each unit’s checkpoint worksheet.

Course Requirements

  • Students in grades K-8 complete 9 units and the correlating checkpoint worksheets each semester, submitting one worksheet every two weeks. Parents and students are able to determine the sequence of the units of study in order to match their selected curriculum, meet individual needs, and customize their learning experience.
  • The submission of checkpoint worksheets demonstrates attendance in the course.  Because our partner schools expect a paced format, students submit work every two weeks.  Students who do not submit worksheets as outlined run the risk of falling behind and being considered truant.
  • Checkpoint worksheets are submitted online, generally as a pdf or jpeg file. Parents must have access to a scanner and a computer.  If a scanner is not available, a scanner app for a smartphone can usually be used.

Units of Study

Worksheet 1: Living and Nonliving
Worksheet 2: Kingdoms of Classification
Worksheet 3: Cell Structure and Function
Worksheet 4: Plant and Animal Cells
Worksheet 5: Levels of Organization
Worksheet 6: Organ Systems
Worksheet 7: Asexual and Sexual Reproduction
Worksheet 8: Fossils
Worksheet 9: Artificial and Natural Selection
Worksheet 10: Adaptations
Worksheet 11: Photosynthesis
Worksheet 12: Obtaining Energy Experiment
Worksheet 13: Ecosystems
Worksheet 14: Relationships between Organisms
Worksheet 15: Availability of Resources
Worksheet 16: Influence of Human Activity
Worksheet 17: Microorganisms
Worksheet 18: Positive and Negative Effects of Microorganisms

Supply List

  • Materials for experiment you personally decide (worksheet 12)

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