Odyssey by Compass Learning provides educational software that empowers each student’s potential for academic success and personal growth through unrivaled personal learning. With in these courses, parents and students will find rigorous, engaging content and targeted instruction based on adaptive curriculum based on 40 years of learning research. This adaptive curriculum will pinpoint skill gaps and accurately place students into personalized learning paths.

Course Content:

  1. Ancient Hebrew Civilization
  2. Early Civilizations of India
  3. Early Civilizations of China
  4. Rome
  5. Civilizations of Islam
  6. African Civilization
  7. Settling the Western U.S.
  8. Industrial Revolution
  9. Immigration to America
  10.  United States 1877-1914
  11. The U.S. as a World Power
  12. Investigate Your State
  13. Characteristics of Your State
  14. Maps, Globes and Geographic Tools
  15. Political Science
  16. U.S. Political System
  17. Economic System

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